Chris Dreiling


As a die hard music lover, Chris Dreiling has been involved in all things music since he was 10 years old. Born and raised in Denver, Chris has played guitar and bass in bands throughout high school and college, and found some local success playing bass in instrumental prog rock band Solterra. Chris also got his first taste of engineering through Solterra, as he tracked, mixed and mastered all three of their records. Enjoying the recording process, Chris decided to attend the University of Colorado Denver to learn more about the technical side of music, and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Recording Arts. Chris now plays bass in the Americana band The Bad Ideas, and continues to strive to make great records and cultivate creativity in the studio.

Chris loves music of a wide variety of genres, from rock and metal, to folk and Americana and all sorts in between, and he is eager to work with the wide breadth of talent in the Denver area.

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Partial Discography

P = Producer | M = Mixer | E = Engineer |

Artist /Year/ Label /Credit

The Bad Ideas – Watercolor 2016 Independent P,E

Green Druid – Green Druid 2015 Independent P,M,E

Solterra – Future Man 2014 Independent P,M,E

Solterra – Umbra 2012 Independent P,M,E

Take It Slo – Sophistication 2011 Independent P,E

Work Samples