Recording Studio/Pro Audio Gear Rental

Being committed to providing the best gear possible in our studios at The Keep Recording is a never ending quest and with that comes the re-assignment of studio gear that isn’t getting as much use when new gear comes along. Thus why we started our rental program which allows recording artists and engineers to access professional recording equipment at affordable prices. Below is our current menu of rental options which can be rented in daily, weekly, and monthly options. For pricing please email

Microphones#Microphone Preamps#Compressors#
Shure KSM322Lindell 6x-5002Warm Audio WA762
Shure KSM1371Sytek MPX4aii4Lindell 7x-5002
Shure SM71Black Lion MKII5003DBX 5602
Advanced Audio Fet 471Symetrix 202 Modded4Monitoring
Aston Origin2AD/DA/ConsolesGenelec Speakers 1030 Pair1
Shure SM811Midas DL-161SM PRO Monitor Box1
Shure Beta 521Behringer X32 Producer1Misc Pro Audio
AKG D1121Digi 192 8 i/o1100′ 16 Channel Snake1
Shure SM57350′ 8 Channel Snake1
Shure SM583Headphones1Mic Stands Large12
Telefunken M801AT studio headphonesMic Stands Regular with Boom8
ADK A512Berhinger Headphone ampMic Stands Short with Boom4
Tom Mic KitXLR Cables32
DI Boxes4