Mobile Rig

The Keep Recording can provide mobile professional audio recordings via our mobile recording rig which features lynx analog to digital conversion, 2019 pro tools or Logic, and a plethora of preamps and microphones that along with our engineers and remote recording experience provides for some of the best remote options in the region. For more info and pricing please email

Current Rental Rig:

Microphones#Microphone Preamps#Compressors#
KSM 322Lindell 6x-5002Lindell 7x-5002
KSM 1371Sytek MPX4aii4DBX 5602
SM71Black Lion MKII5003
Advanced Audio Fet 471Symetrix 202 Modded4Monitoring
Aston Origin2Genelec Speakers 1030 Pair1
Beta 521AD/DASM PRO Monitor Box1
ADK A512Lynx Aurora 161
D1121Digi 0031Misc.
SM573Digi 192 8io1Mic Stands Large12
SM583Protools 2018 with 0031Mic Stands Regular with Boom4
Telefunken M801Mic Stands Short with Boom4
Headphones etc.XLR Cables24
AT studio headphones6DI Boxes4
Berhinger Headphone amp1