Nick Sullivan


(Nick, second from the left with Noah Matthews, Katey Laurel and Carl Sorenson)

Nick Sullivan, a native of Steamboat Springs, CO  has been quietly earning a reputation as a musical jack-of-all-trades in his homebase of Denver, CO finding success behind the console as an audio engineer/producer as well as a songwriter/performer.  Nick started his music career in 2007 as the  singer/guitar player for the blues rock ‘n’ roll band American Relay who gained a regional following that allowed him to tour the western US and thus begin his music career.  In 2009 Nick turned his focus towards audio engineering and began to engineer and mix records with bands from the Denver music scene.  From 2009-2012 Nick engineered on dozens of records including 3 Denver Post Top 10 local records of the year as well as 2 Grammy Nominations for his work on Los Lobos’s “Tin Can Trust” record in 2010.

As Nick’s reputation and sonic resume began to grow he began to take the next step as an engineer/musician and began producing bands and recording artists including four songs from The Swayback’s “Double Four Time” which was awarded best recording of 2012 by The Westword. In 2013 Nick started Consonance Productions with Producer/Engineer Jeff Kanan to serve as a vehicle for producing local talent as well as to record his own music projects. Since starting Consonance Productions Nick produced records with more of Denver’s emerging music scene including Altas, Safe Boating is No Accident, The Bunny Gang, Hanoi Apache,  The Raven and the Writing Desk, Montropo,  Jon Boland,  and Animals in Exile.

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Katie Laurel – This is Christmas – 2016 P, E, M

Plastic Daggers – Shotgun EP – 2016 E, M

Oscar Ross – Get Along – 2016 P, E, M

Chella and the Charm – Denver Delay – 2016 P, E, M

Avifauna – The Gyer EP – 2016 E, M

Hanoi Apache – Raptors Single – 2016 P, E, M

Me Me Monster – Me Me Monster 2016 E, M

Automatic Iris – Escape Routes – 2016 E, M

Tin Horn Prayer – Love Under Will – 2015 E, M

Brad Corrigan – Ileana’s Smile – 2015 E

Saphrye Rain – Break The Cycle EP – 2015 P, E, M

Andy Thomas and Dustheart – Reckless Abandonment – 2015  E, M

Reverend Deadeye – Sinner must Die – 2015 M

Kerry Pastine and The Crime Scene – Let’s do this thing – 2015 

Vatican Vamps – Yggdrasil – 2015 P, E, M

The Bunny Gang – Internation Cover Up Single – 2013 P, E, M

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