Nick Sullivan

Nick Sullivan has achieved a long tenured reputation of success within the music and recording industry as a grammy nominated Audio Engineer/Producer and more recently as the Co-Owner of The Keep Recording and Consonance Publishing.

A native of Steamboat Springs, CO, Nick got his start in the music industry in 2005 as the singer/guitar player for the blues rock band American Relay. The band toured the western US playing over 350 shows along with multiple festivals over 4 year span. After the band’s run ended in 2009 Nick took his experience from the performance side of the music industry and fed that into another facet of the music industry and since 2009 Nick has had a career as full time Audio Engineer and Music Producer.

Named one of Denver’s best Audio Engineers by Westword Music in 2019, Nick has earned 2 Grammy nominations for his work on Los Lobos’s 2010 album Tin Can Trust and has earned credits on over 125 albums as a tracking, mix, and mastering Engineer. Nick has also earned a reputation as an in-demand engineer for commercial recording projects and has gained recording credits with such companies as Netflix, Amazon Films, NPR, Penguin/Random House and The BBC world news.

In 2014 Nick added another industry to his career when he Co-Founded Consonance Music Publishing which has led to music placements with such companies as Kaiser Permanente, Amazon Films, and Blumhouse Films along custom music clients including Viacom, Spectrum Reach and Charter Communications. Consonance represents over 1000 tracks for one stop music licensing within multiple musical genres.

Career Highlights:

Mastering Engineer:
Flobots – Platypus EP 2020 (Republic Records)
Moby – Live @ The Greek Theatre 2016 (Facebook VR Release)

Tracking Engineer:
Los Lobos “Tin Can Trust” Assistant Engineer (2 Grammy Nominations)
Brad Corrigan (Dispatch), Stefan Lassard (DMB), Reinaldo Jesus (Antibalas) “Ileana’s Smile” Engineer
Dispatch “Circles Round The Sun” Engineer

The Swayback (Westword Top 10 Album 2014)
Tana Victoria (Synced in Amazon Film’s “Nocturne”)
Safe Boating Is No Accident (Synced in Amazon Film’s “Nocturne”)

Remote Recording:
21 Pilots

ADR Engineering:
Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 4
Outnanks Season 2

NPR’s Story Corps
BBC World News
Lewis Black

Audio Books:
Michael Bennet “Land of The Flickering Lights Engineer, Mastering
Jonathon Vaughters “
Isa Maisel “Cam Girl” Editing, Mixing, Mastering

FOH Engineer:
Mac Sabbath
The Mad Caddies
Brad Corrigan and Friends
The Growlers

Nick’s Full Discography

Nick’s Sonic Resume

Nick’s Producer Resume

Contact Nick directly at: [email protected]

RECENT DISCOGRAPHY (E=Engineer, P=Producer, M=Mixer)

John Saunders Band – JSB Vol. 2 – 2021 E, M

Ben Westlund – Verbal Equinox Single – 2021 – E, M, Mastering

My Blue Heart – The Bottle Lied Single – 2021 – E, M, Mastering

Vatican Vamps – Election Day – 2021 – E, M, Mastering

Daniel Carrillo – Long Story Short – 2021 – E, M, Mastering

Avifauna – We Go On – 2021 – E, M

Ghost Of Joseph Buck – Until It Ends – 2020 – E, M, Mastering

Maurice Avatar – The Observer 1.5 – 2020 – Mastering

Goodnight Freeman – Past the Dark Side – 2020- E, M, Mastering

Evan Doukas – Welcome Home – 2020 – E, M

Peach Street Revival – Cinco – 2020 – Mastering

Flobots – Platypus EP reissue – 2020 – Mastering

Dulled Arrows – TBA – 2020 – E, M

Jeremy Strand – Song for The King – 2020 – E, M,

Canyon Sounds – Opportunities – 2020 – Mastering

Lady Gang – Full Throttle – 2020 – Mastering

Bankshot – Sideways – 2020 – E, M

The Host Club – Radical Dreamers – 2020 – Mastering

Vatican Vamps – Reimagined EP – 2020 – P, E, M, Mastering

Mcknight – I Was Better – 2020 – Mastering

Trouble Bound – Ash and Blood – 2020 – Mastering

Hello Mountain – You Got Me – 2020 – Mastering

Cody Jeffreys – Believe In Yourself – 2019 – Mastering

Camden Piper – Ruhaa – 2019 – E, M, Mastering

Moongold – On Colfax – 2019 – Mastering

Emelise Munoz – On My Way 2019 – E, M, Mastering

Move Shake Pause Repeat – His Fault, Her Fault, No Fault of My Fault – 2019 – E, Mastering

Lief Sjostrom – Boyish Dreams of Heroic Deeds 2019 – M

Professor Plumb – The Majic Twelve – 2019 E, Mastering

Animals In Exile – American Gothic – 2019 E, M, P

Jeremy Strand – Victory – 2019 E, M

Monalicious – All Caught Up – 2019  E, M, 

Micheal Bennet – Land of The Flickering Lights Book 2019 – E, M, Mastering