Pandemic Panacea Album Packages

We know how hard this Pandemic has been to our local music community and as we all try to put Covid in the rearview mirror we felt it was a good to offer some discounted packages to inspire some great recordings out of the local community. Offered for only sessions booked in April and May, these packages will ensure quality recordings for your release at prices we haven’t offered in 5 years. For more details on the packages and available dates please email

EP Package # 1 – Basics in Studio A, Overdubs in Studio B, and Mixing in Studio B
3 Songs @ $1435, 5 Songs @ $2400

  • A great package for a band looking to get into a world class studio to track with legendary gear and then mixing in our Studio B for a killer price only offered in this package

EP Package # 2 – Mixing in Studio B
3 Songs @ $675, 5 Songs @ $1125

  • Get professional mixing services at a discounted rate in our Studio B!

EP Package # 3 -Full remote recording (5 Days of gear rental) and Studio B Mixing
3 Songs @ $1175, 5 Songs @ $2000

  • Utilize our Gear Rental Program and do all your tracking on your own for 5 days and then bring it back to The Keep to get professional mixing services in our Studio B!