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$100 per track for up to 5 tracks
$75 per track for 6 or more tracks

Deliverables you receive when mastering with us:

  • Radio/Download Master (As loud as loud can be)
  • Streaming Master  (Streaming services now penalize loudness, let us make your track sound the best on Spotify, Tidal, and Apple Music Etc. )
  • Instrumental Master (Having your instrumental version mastered is great to have for music licensing and sync purposes)


The Keeps offers high quality economical mastering services for digital and vinyl formats and is an official Apple Certified Mastering Facility.  Utilizing state of the art analog and digital equipment along with years of experience The Keep ensures loud yet dynamic mastered mixes and is why these artists have chosen to master at The Keep Recording!

Our Mastering Work

Let your ears do the deciding and give a listen to our mastering references of our ever growing body of work in multiple genres.