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Great quality for your tracks

Studio A is home to one of the region's most spacious and modern recording environments featuring all mogami writing and gear from Neve, Manley, Universal Audio, AEA and Neumann along with many legendary amps and instruments.

With a vibe to match it's comfort

Studio A is designed for any recording needs including full band recording, drum tracking, string ensembles, voice over, and large podcast sessions. Studio A has a 500 sq. tracking room along with 2 isolation booths and utilizes 16 channel personal headphone mixers to monitor with.

Committment to being state of the art

Studio A allows for recording at the highest fidelity possible through our Lynx aurora (n) digital conversion and Apogee clocking which seamlessly connects to our Pro Tools Ultimate/HDX recording system.

Elevate your mixes

Studio A leverages outboard analog mixing that no "in the box" can match and can facilitate stereo and surround sound mixing sessions including Dolby Atmos.